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Being Before the Veil

26 People Remember! 

As of 3-15-23 TWENTY-SIX people shared Pre-Birth Experiences on Being Before the Veil! Everyday more people are becoming aware of this project & sharing Pre-Birth Experiences & Memories of Being & Existing Before this Life which is huge!

We would like to thank Christian Sundberg who shared his PBE this month and also shared our project on his website which has led to the biggest monthly update we have had yet since starting this project last February! Thank You Brother and everyone please check out his website and book! 

If you have Pre-Birth Experiences click the Pre-Birth Experiences Page & fill out the simple online form to be added towards next month's running number. The total running number will be updated every month on this page! 

Click on the Shared PBE's page to read experiences shared in their own words! This is a research project that we plan on automating so that data and experiences will be collected long after we leave this life! 

This project was started by David Bruce in February 2022 because Bruce had to find out how many other people had these experiences. We think there are hundreds of thousands to millions of people with Pre-Birth Experiences, ChatGPT says there are 1.6 billion so we are going to find out. We are doing this as a free service to the world and we would like to expand this project so if you want to help or donate to the project use Cash App $beingbeforetheveil or Venmo @beingbeforetheveil or contact us to discuss other ways that you can help. It costs time and money to run this free project so all donations are greatly appreciated, they will help to change this world and help your brothers and sisters.